Ctrl-right scrolls text upwards, so that cursor becomes hidden below.

When I created a draft of an e-mail which is more than one page long, and when during work with second page of text I press Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left - the cursor jumps 1 word, but the screen scrolls up, so I no longer see the lines I was editing, and the cursor gets hidden on screens below.
I’d appreciate any help, because I was thinking to buy commercial version.

Yes, I noticed that when using Ctrl + cursor that the cursor moves but the message window does not scroll.

How about using the mouse wheel or touch-pad?

Thanks for the hint, that is basically what I am doing in order not to lose view of my text when it jumps away from me.

I am new to eM Client (thinking of buying 2-3 licenses for home), and, looking at your response, I am guessing that different kinds of bugs which are stimulating users to develop ingenuity for workarounds are common in eM Client. Is this guess correct?

Yeah, the thing is to suggest these bugs or changes to eM Client Inc. for consideration in upcoming versions. Sometimes it is just days and they will fix it. Like with the current beta I made a suggestion and a week later it was in the new release. Possibly they had already planned to make the change and it was not my suggestion that resolved it. :wink: Other times it can take years and many many comments on this forum before they consider a change.

In the mean time, creative workarounds are certainly a temporary solution.

This site is monitored by the company, but best solution for submitting bugs is to open a support ticket, for which you will need a Pro License. (I have already submitted a ticket for this behavior)

Thanks for your responses and clarifications Gary, as well as for submitting a ticket for a bug. This particular bug is quire annoying, and it is the only one thing which makes me hesitate for getting Pro License (I keep both my hands on a keyboard for quick typing, use lots of shortcuts and do not use mouse or touch-pad unless necessary).

Yeah, I understand the difficulty. I will post the response here so you are kept updated.

eM Client Support responded that they had already passed this on to the developers a few weeks back. The fix should appear in one of the upcoming beta releases.

Thanks! This definitely pushes me towards going pro. =)