Ctrl-Right or Ctrl-Left skips TWO words, not one?!

This is just a minor annoyance, but when I’m composing an email and use the Ctrl-Right Arrow (or Left Arrow), the editor skips two words right (or left) instead of just one.  This differs from every other program I’ve ever used.  Is it a bug or a feature?  If it’s a feature, can I turn it off?


I tried to reply to your post and the web site vanished (very odd). Trying again. Apologies if this ends up being a duplicated reply. I’ve also experienced this bug. It’s intermittent. To work around it, I save the message with Control+S, then close it with Esc. It goes into the Drafts folder. I re-open it and the problem is almost always gone. It will appear some other time — but only intermittently.

Well, I gave it a little test and you do seem to be correct about the intermittence.  I’ll try the solution the next time it pops up.  Thanks!

This is happening to me as well, most disconcerting and annoying!  If you want to move only 1 word, you have to do it letter-by-letter.

I’ve also spotted this sometimes, but very rare.
Only way to restore proper behaviour is close&restart Emclient.