CTRL+P Shortcut

I am succesfully using eM with so far one glitch with database (propably caused by myself though) - and I am happy to say that the support team for paid version did a really awesome job! The dtb has been fixed in seconds. Hence, I am recommending eM to everyone I know around me - you guys are doing increddible job!

One thing though - I am not much of an eco-friendly person and print a lot. As eM is mainly focused on online-identity electronic communication, I understand that there’s one feature which has been overseen by the dev team. It’s CTRL+P shortcut.

Nowadays, I have to open each e-mail and with a mouse select file -> print. Could I propose a patch, where the same would be achieved with ctrl+p shortcut all around the application? I mean, in the list of mails just select the mail, ctrl+p it (not having to open it) etc. Also, a print preview would be nice as one could see how long the mail actually is.

It’s just a thought, which would make my life easier :slight_smile:

Many thanks for increddible product!

Pavel “The Tree Killer” Ptacek

shortcut CTRL+P for printing opened email will be in version 3.1 which will be released soon.
I will add “print preview” for emails to our feature requests list.


Milos Kovalcik.