Ctl-Z (undo) still restoring a mass of deleted emails

I continue to have a problem with the Ctl-Z (undo) operation. When using undo to un-delete an email, I often find that thousands of emails that were previously deleted are now in my Inbox again. I am on the latest version. I know this was once a bug in eM Client, but I don’t think it has been fully resolved.

Hi Jon, what version exactly are you currently using (help > about).
What mail service are you using? Is this an IMAP account? Are you having the same issue with more than one account?

Thank you,

I’m using v6.0.20156.0.

I have only a single POP3 account configured so please don’t try to blame this on my mail service.

In version 6.0.20498.0 with IMAP this feature working right.

In my opinion - this shortcut is little confusing for undo deleted emails.

How is it that you have a newer version if eM client is telling me there are no updates available?

Hi Jon, you can download a newer version of eM Client and update your client if that helps the issue, would be worthwhile telling me what mail service you’re using though.


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