Cryptic Info in Print To PDF Since Update of 8-2015

Since the August 2015 eM Client update, when I print to Adobe PDF the From, To, Sent areas are cryptic as indicated in emails from awhile back (6 months and 2 years). Did not do this before the August update. Printing to Adobe PDF from GMail (browser) works fine.

Hello Mike,
do you think you can send us a screenshot of the problematic PDF, export the email into .eml and send it to with the reference link to this conversation so we can have a look at your problem? I’m afraid I have hard time understanding your problem this way.
Thank you and best regards,

Sure. Don’t see how to send the pdf but see screen shot below. I’m using Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro with all updates. When I pdf this same email in gmail using Acrobat it looks fine.

Hi Mike, could you save one of the emails as an .eml file and send it to my work address Thank you

Hi Mike,
I’m still testing out the printing to PDF, but I just wanted to ask, which version of eM Client have you installed and which program (and version) do you use for PDF printing? Thank you.

I’m using em Client 6.0.23181.0 which I believe was updated to that in August. Prior to this update I did not have the pdf printing problem. I’m us Adobe Acrobat Pro which appears to have been updated to that on 6/26/2015.

One other minor issue with the latest eM Client is that I have the Mark As Read setting to 2 seconds (or 1 even) and some emails that does not work. I then have to manually Mark As Read. Don’t know when this started but again it is minor.

Hello Mike, would you mind testing out Printing to PDF through “Software602 Print2PDF 9” and see if it has the same problem? It’s a free software tool that you can download anywhere (for example here http://software602-print2pdf-9-free.s…). Thank you.

Does the Mark as Read problem happen to emails for all acounts or just for specific one?

I’ve tried to download software602 from your link above and from and it won’t download. Your link sends to a “download will start shortly” page that never starts and the other to a page of other pdf programs.

As for your Mark As Read question, I’ll need to keep track of that and let you know.

Try a different mirror for the download or google the program please, I’m trying to figure out if the error is on Adobe’s side or if you get the error with different PDF programs as well.

It worked with that driver.

Then I recommend contacting Adobe support as this might be an issue on their end which we have no control over, since we don’t have access to the details of their software.

Best wishes,

Actually, your program is the only one that has this problem. Adobe PDF works with gmail, word, excel, zimba email, notepad and probably anything else I try. And it worked with your program before your August update. You do the “math”.

Try running this release then, please:…
But we encountered no similar problem before, so I apologize for having hard time with solving this issue.

I found the problem and I’m sorry to say it was with the Adobe PDF Printing Preferences. In that dialog inside the Adobe PDF Settings tab is a check box to “Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts”. When I unchecked this, the problem disappeared and the email printed correctly. Not sure why that would only affect eM Client and not sure how it might have changed at around the time of your August update but unchecking it fixed the problem.

Thanks for your help and the time you took to solve this.

As for the Mark As Read issue, it doesn’t appear to matter which email account or address is used. It’s kind of random and I’m sure that might be difficult to find/fix. Since it’s a much more minor issue, I can deal with that.

Hello Mike,
I’m glad this was resolved in the end, then.
If you encounter the Mark as Read issue or notice a pattern to it, don’t hesitate to post to the forum again.