21917: Pro Licence Purchased

  • Hi I have just purchased a PRO Licence for ONE PC and wish to know how many email addresses can be used on this PC utilising eM Client? During the ‘trial/demo’ version, I was utilising over 20 email addresses and wish to know IF I will have the same number of email addresses utilising your email software or IF separate licences are required on a ‘per’ email basis??

Hi Kev,

You can use an ‘unlimited’ number of e-mail accounts in eM Client if you have the professional license.

With the free version of eM Client, you can only use 2 e-mail accounts (after the trial period).

Hi as Hans suggested above, the PRO license features unlimited use of the application for an unlimited number of your accounts as well as ability to use the application for business and commercial use.

You can find out more about the differences between Free and Pro version here: