Creating setup for friend?

I have been using EMClient for a while now and will never go back to Outlook.  I have a friend who called me this week because his Outlook crashed and he couldn’t get it open.  I got him working in Safe Mode, so he can get emails again.  I suggested EM Client to him.  

Is there anyway I can get EMClient set up on my computer (his account settings, signature etc), then email him a zip file to install on his computer so it’s all setup?

How do I do that without screwing up all my EM Client data settings? 

I have not tried it myself, but my first bet would be to create a new account on my machine.
That account will have it’s own area to store user data.
In that account I would configure eM Client.
When that is completed, tested and so forth I would close eM Client, zip the database files and mail the zip archive to my friend.
I would expect that to do the trick…

But the his email account is in my EM Client profile, and he would get mine.
How do I start a new EM Client profile/database with just his?

Here is what I am thinking.  Please jump in if I am wrong;

On my machine:

  1. Exit EM Client.
  2. Zip up my EM Client files and move them to another folder.
  3. Restart EM Client (I am assuming, it will ask me to set up again).
  4. Set up his emails etc
  5. Zip up his files and move them, then unzip mine back?

On his machine.

  1. Tell him to install EM Client but DO NOT open it yet.
  2. Send him the Zip File then tell him where to put the files.
  3. When he opens EM Client everything will be there???


Your method should work as well. Please add step 4a where you close eM Client before zipping his files.

I suggested a new user account on you machine, not a new eM Client account!
When you do that you don’t have to touch your own eM Client database, it is just like you made a user account on your machine where your friend can log-in and do his thing…

Hello Barb,
this would indeed work, but you can achieve the same with Exporting the XML settings through File>Export or running a File>Backup on the database you create, and then sending him those files.
During the setup, he just choses to skip the setup and then use the File>Import or File>Restore option to load from your data.
As for your original database, you can just temporarily rename the folder to ‘eM Client 1’ or something (with eM Client closed) to achieve the same trick, and after you are done rename it back, no need to zip up your files.


Thanks Olivia,
The Export/Backup sounds best!