Creating rules - partial 'people' setting?

It’s not clear from the Help whether the ‘people’ part of the rule can be a partial email address. For example, I want all email from a particular domain i.e. after the @ sign to go to a particular local folder.

For example, I want mail from and mail from and so on, to go to the Some Company folder, and not to have to set up a separate rule for each.

I have just migrated from Thunderbird, where setting up message filters is a doddle. The key thing is that the from field  contains  some text sorts it out for me. Actually, being used to Thunderbird’s filters I am finding the whole rule thing messy and a bit hard to get my head around.

Ah - I think I found an answer to my question here:

Hello Jeff, it is possible to setup a domain specific rule, just use ‘’ or ‘’ in the rule settings and eM Client should be able to filter out those messages for you.

Also if you’d like to view messages from a certain domain in a single folder, consider using the “Search folders” instead of Rules, as Rules can only filter out new incoming messages, search folders will be able to perform search queries for email with this domain each time you try to view it.

Hope this helps,