Creating Meeting from Message problems


I’m fairly new to eM client and am overall very happy with it, but there is one issue that has caused some issues.
My work calendar is linked to the client via CalDav. At my work, calendar invitations are not commonly used - this may be very old-fashioned but it is what it is. What I thus often do is use the “create a meeting from message” option on an email that contains information about any type of meeting or appointment so that I have both the meeting in my calendar with very little effort, and also have the relevant information at hand. But what ends up happening is that all people who received this email will by default be added as Meeting Participants, and will be sent an invite.
As a workaround, what I do is delete them all manually. This is a hassle when the email was sent to a large group of people and I have to manually delete all of them but twice already I was in a hurry and forgot to delete and ended up sending an unwanted invite to a bunch of people (one of them to the entire institute because it was company meeting…). This is really quite annoying because it creates a lot of confusion for other people. On top of that, since I’m usually not the organizer of these meetings, but I then receive all “accepted” and “declined” meeting emails, which just spam my inbox.

I’ve already tried to change the setting about sending invitations to either “always ask” or “never” but this doesn’t work. I’ve done some digging on this forum already and gather that this is likely an issue with the calendar provider, not with eM client, and there is likely nothing I can do about it. But I was wondering if there could be a setting that email recipients are not automatically added as meeting participants? What would also help (but not solve my issue) is a “delete all” option for meeting participants, so I don’t have to manually delete like people from the list, which is a bit tedious also.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions on how to make my life easier here. Creating calendar entries from emails is super important for my workflow (since, like I said, sending calendar invitations is not done at all for internal meetings) and is one important reason to use a client instead of the webmail system that we have (which does not allow me to do this at all).