Creating caldav account and getting carddav account

If creating a new caldav account it automatically detects it is for caldav and carddav… perfect, but after saving and open accounts again, the account only shows carddav.

It may be that there is some issue with the CalDAV settings. So something like the autodiscover showed both available, and gave some settings, but when eM Client tried to connect to the CalDAV the first time it failed.

Who is the CalDAV provider? Maybe other users have some experience with them.

Hi Gary, Thanks for the feedback. I am using a self hosted Nextcloud instance which can be reached through a combined link at via

There are separate links for the services so when I use for the calendar, it works like a charm.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Version 8.1 of eM Client now has NextCloud support. See Release History

Is this issue with a pre-8.1 version, or is this something that has happened since upgrading to 8.1?

Hi Gary, Thanks for coming back. I am using emClient since yesterday and it is 8.1, so don’t have a clue.

I guess you will just have to use the CalDAV with the separate url for now.

Hopefully someone with a similar experience can comment as well, and may have a solution for setting them up at one time.

All fine for me with two account entries :slight_smile:

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Why did they break the Caldav/Carddav?

Works working just fine :frowning: