Creating a "To" folder ends with a "From" folder

I have created several folders in the “Local Folder”, which all contain messages that have been send.
Whatever I do all these folders only have the “From” column and I cannot change it to a “To” column like in the Sent folder.
How do I create an outgoing folder with the “To” column?

You can change this. Disable Conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. Then change the column as you wish.

That works, but setting the conversation back again also reverts the setting back to the “From” column - I definable prefer the conversion view :slightly_frowning_face:
Have though figured out, I instead can add subfolders to the “Sent” folders, as well as subfolders to the Local Folders->Outbox.
For now, the “Sent” subfolders are the solution, but hope for an improvement.
Also free setting of the belonging icon would be great.