Create Private Contacts?

Hi there,

Actually I like emClient very much, but I got an issue with creating contact groups.
Always if I try to create one I get the same error:

“Creating Folder failed with error: Specified Method is not supported.” :frowning:
Any idea why this problem occures?

EDIT: I found in forum, that is issue is already known, as I also use GoogleMail.
But can’t I create local contact groups? I don’t need my Google Contacts I need my private Contacts to create :((((

I am sorry but creating of subfolders in Gmail contacts is still not possible. If you need to create local contact groups, enable showing of Local folders in the menu Tools - Settings - General and then create subfolders under the Local contact folder.

Oh no problem. this solves my problems…thank you :slight_smile: i don’t need local contacts in gmail, i need local contacts on my pc xD

Unfortunately i paid for another tool yet-.- but this brings one very great feature. I can synchronize my contacts with ipod something like this possible with emcclient too? Actually i’d like to keep on using emclient, I like it better :slight_smile: