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Ref: License: 5fe9efce-612d-4ed9-9a09-ee83d9584a67 I am using eMClient since 2014 without major problems and have installed 5 mail addresses. I now want to install a new addres - that I need when working for my club - but I don’t succeed adding it, nor as outlook nor as exchange.

Hi Achille,

Please remove your license number from the text in your message.

Regarding your issue about not being able to add a new outlook account in eM Client: I know Microsoft has made a change a few weeks (months?) ago and on this forum there are some messages explaining what to do. Sorry, I don’t have time right now to search for those messages, but I hope they can help you.

Dear Hans,
I solved the problem by reinstalling eM Client.How do I remove the license number?
Thanks for advise.

Hi Achille,

I thought it used to be possible to edit once own posts … but I can also not edit my reply here I see … hmm… then I think it’s the best if you e-mail eM Client directly with a question to edit your post.

Thanks Hans