Create new Rule from message

I just migrated from Thunderbird to EMC and found that I cannot create/append a rule from the opened email or from the right click action list like I could do in Thunderbird. I could create a meeting or task from the message in the action list so why not a rule?

Try right-clicking the from address

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Thanks that works fine to add a new rule. But cannot update an existing rule with additional email address with this action option

Are you familiar with using MENU > RULES and selecting your rule and modifying the rule?

Yes I am, that is how to fixed my existing rules imported from Thunderbird. Thunderbird allowed Rules to be created or an existing one be modified while in an open message. If a rule can be created from an opened message it seem logical that a rule could be modified from one of the existing rules. All the info required is available so the Rules dialog could be modified to use the From address to add a new rule or update an existing.

Perhaps this should be moved to Feature Request or whatever it is called

I changed this to be a Feature. Thanks @sunriseal

@mefrazier can you give an example screenshot of modifying a rule “while in an open message” for this feature request.

@cyberzork are you talking about a screen shot of the Thunderbird process?

@mefrazier Yes a screenshot of how you (modify the rule) “in the open message” in Thunderbird would be good as an example to see. Obviously blank out anything personal.

eg: Is it done similiar to eM Client via a right click menu option (on the senders email address) like in the open message “mockup screenshot example below”, or some other way in the open message.


@cyberzork I will update tonight or in the morning

Closing the feature request