Create new folder jumps to the empty folder

When I create a new folder, it is to move items from the current location. Currently the new folder is shown. Though I can’t imagine anyone wanting to look at an empty folder.
So when I create a new folder it is quite annoying that I first have to click the previous folder again in order to be able to drag drop the mail items into the new folder.
I would like to remain in the current folder after I created the new folder.

You need to use the Move to folder option and not the Drag and Drop option.

So in EMC you highlight an email or emails and then either (right click) on the email subject and click “Move to Folder” or click “Move to Folder” (on the toolbar) at the top if you customized EMC by right clicking on the toolbar in a free space.

Then the browse to mail folder window appears. You then click “New Folder” and “Name it whatever you like” and finally then click “Ok” at the bottom, which moves the email / s in one go into that new folder.

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The above works like a charm. Used it and that works great.
Still I think it would be nice that if you rightclick in the
E-Mail tree and select create new folder, that when done you stay at the position you were in before rightclicking.