Create new contact subfolder with same layout as other existing contact subfolder? Default contact folder layout

I have around 2000 contacts and add occasionally some more.

To have a better overview I split all my contacts into different sets and moved them into different contact subfolders. I adjusted these contact subfolders so that only a few columns are shown in a certain order and with certain column widths.

Occasionally I create now new contact subfolders.

Unfortunately there is currently no way of telling emClient to adjust the new contact subfolder view according to an already existing contact subfolder view.

So I always have to manually adjust the view again.

This is annoying and unnecessary.

Is there eventually a workaround (editing preferences/Registry directly) to improve the next contacts view setup?

Alternatively I would appreciate if a new feature “get contact folder view layout from …” would be added in the next release.

Or to define a default contact folder view layout which is automatically used.

Thank you