Create local (archive) folder with lost of mails stored

Created a local folder for storage of old mails. ALL mails was then syncronized with my gmail account. __I then had nearly 3Gb on GMails server. I thought that creating a local folder for archiving was LOCAL   but this isnt the case. Is it possible to create a local folder that IS LOCAL?

If Local Folders are not visible, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General, and tick Show local folders. This will show a folder tree separate from your account.

When you have created a new folder in that tree, right-click on the folder and choose Properties. The location of the folder will be something like Local Folders/Inbox/New Folder. If it does not start with Local Folders , it is probably not local.

A Easy automatic method is to use the Archive Function .   It will move   emails from your server to a special folder called  ARCHIVE  which is also a local folder.   It can be set to # of days to MOVE  automatically     but   be for warned    also use the emclient backup feature so it backups your settings  as well as the local folders.
Once email is   MOVED from the   imap server it is now on your pc  in emclient format   and one will need the backup to restore your environment if your pc goes belly up.    If you want the archived emails in an eml format  then you will need to export them to a local file on your pc.

What I do
Archive every 180 days   automatic
Emclient backup every week keeping     3 copies  automatic
Every 6 months I export all the archive folder email  to a folder on the pc in eml format .   Manual
  Yea  this may be overkill but rather be safe than sorry. 
   And yes all my special data is backed up to a cloud 


Yes, I agree with Richard’s regular emphasis on making backups. If your data is stored in Local Folders, your backup will be the only copy if the database becomes corrupt. Having a copy of your backup on another disk will be the only copy if your hard disk fails.

I personally backup daily using the automatic backup facility in eM Client, and those backups are then automatically copied to another location where I retain the last 30 days, plus one per month for older backups.

Thank you for the quick replies. 
I was assuming that local folders was local. I am not talking about backup, but saving mails “offline”. 
When creating a local folder, which IS local, I were sure that I kept my mails local on my pc, and not uploading the whole lot to my GMail account.  I know how to backup my mails in EM, but the quick way to find an old mail are in a normal mail-folder. I may be living with the way EM handles local folders. Before EM I used Windows Live Mail, which CAN use real lokal folder. Unfortunately my Windows broke down and now we can ́t download WLM anymore :frowning:

Thanks anyway

Sorry, we got a bit off-track.

Local Folders are local - really. If you create a sub-folder in Local Folders, it will not sync with your Gmail folders.

Please check that the folder is a sub-folder of Local Folders as in my graphic above. Right-click on the folder and checking it’s properties will confirm if it is local or not.

I have now tested again, and it looks like you are right :slight_smile: At first I imported the old local folder from WLM to a folder in EM inbox called archive, and then moved them to the real Local folder in EM. All the old archived mails got to GMail despite that I moved them to the local folder. I could not get rid of them before I deleted them on the GMail web. Now I tried it again, and it looks very well.

Thanks for your replies