Create hyperlinks to Email messages?

Somehow my previous post was deleted, so I am posting again:

I am considering switching from Outlook to eM Client, but only if I can create hyperlinks to E-mail messages like in Outlook?

In Outlook I have a VB script that creates a hyperlink to any selected message. I can then paste this hyperlink in my information manager software.

This functionality is critical for me to switch. Is this feature available in eM client or in an add-on?

So if I understand you correctly, you want to link a message text selection in the email body to an external program that is not web based ?

Here is how I use it with Outlook:

  1. I select an Email.
  2. I click on a button to run the VB script.
  3. A hyperlink is then put in the clipboard: Outlook:00000000D8B44007BF10CA42896C682E61F279F084560001
  4. I can put this link in my information manager program (non web based). When I click on the hyperlink, the linked Outlook E-mail is opened.
  5. I can also use this link as hyperlinks in Word, Excel etc.

Can I do this with eM client, or possibly with an Add-on?

p.s. I think that there is an Add-on for Thunderbird for this ( but I haven’t installed Thunderbird or the Add-on to test.

No, it’s not possible. Sorry.