Create Contact with Two First Names

When I use New/Contact I’m asked to enter a full name in a single field. I have a few contacts who are known by two first names, such as Mary Jean Smith. When that person shows up in the list of contacts, I see just Mary Smith. How can I specify that her first name is “Mary Jean” rather than first name “Mary” and middle name “Jean”?

Instead of entering the full name in the field, click on the dots at the end of “Full name” and it will bring up a dialog box.  You can then enter the multiple names in the first name field.

Thanks for explaining that, Jay. However, I brought up an existing contact of that form and clicked on “Full name…” It displayed Given name: Mary, Middle name: Jean, Surname: Smith. I changed it to Given name: Mary Jean, Middle name: (empty), Surname: Smith. I clicked OK. It displayed Full name: Mary Jean Smith. I clicked Save, thinking that I had modified the contact. However, it still showed just Mary Smith in the list of contacts. When I opened that contact again, the change had not been made. It had reverted to Given name: Mary, Middle name: Jean, Surname: Smith. Any ideas?

It worked fine for me.  Make sure you click on the “save” button after you exit the pop-up form.

Jay, I think the Phone List is picking up both first and middle names. I just created a new contact by entering this:

Given name: Mary Anne
Middle name: (left blank)
Surname: Smith

I clicked OK and Save. I then pulled up her contact and clicked Full name…  This is what I saw:

Given name: Mary
Middle name: Anne
Surname: Smith

So it appears that eM Client is not retaining two names in the Given name field. It moved “Anne” to the Middle name field.

I should explain that in my original post, I was referring to a customized contact list in which I was displaying just Given name and Surname, I don’t want to add Middle name to the display because so few of my contacts have middle names. I was hoping that “Mary Anne” would be retained as a Given name, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Strangely, it works fine for me.  I created this one a couple of days ago–

Could it be that your mail host does not support this format and when it syncs, it syncs back?

Mine is Gmail.