Create an Migrate (or add to Import) Menu

I think a priority add item would be a menu item to allow us to migrate (move to another machine (and OS) or new installed hard drive) etc.

Currently eMClient only imports “other” email app data. If I buy a third party eMClient rather than just accepting what MS gives with each new OS version, I need to be sure I can preserve and carryover all my emails to “any” new install scenario.

Granted this can be done with eMClient now by deciphering where the storage folder is on the new install (possibly not the same location on a new OS), and then copying a backup of previous eMClient storage files (on a usb etc) to the new folder location.

From experimenting I’ve learned that setting the copy operation to “OVERWRITE” all of the existing (new install default) files allows you to keep all you old settings and folder structure.

But really it would just seem more functional to have eMClient migrate “it’s own” incoming backup files, rather than an user having to “wonder” about existing names or overwrite etc.

Actually, you can use the Backup/Restore function - then you do not need to know where your data are stored or that you need to overwrite them.

Oh, well thanks, that’s fantastic. I got that manual method off the forum. I surmise that user had not done an eMClient type backup but rather had his normal backup to work with?

I will experiment with the eMClient backup and restore menu item. I’m pleased to hear that a type of “in house” migration process has been implemented.

However it would still seem very functional to have a way to migrate or import eMClient mail that was say backed up on a normal backup or Sync App.

One might not always think to backup their eMClient way, thinking their scheduled backup app is doing that for them.
Thanks again.

We prefer using the built in backup feature - other backup programs may corrupt the database.

I recently reinstalled eMClient on a different drive and now need to “import/get back” old folders & messages from earlier location. I can access old data folder but not sure how to import into new location.
Would you offer assistance?


database should be still in same folder C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming\eM Client ot if you have changed it in Tools - settings - General - storage then you need to point this into your new database location.

or do you mean that you need to use backup/restore function?

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