Crashing on spam subject lines (was: Crashing on startup even after restore)

Emclient is crashing on startup, even though I’ve restored from an old database, and imported from a settings file. It does a database consistency check on startup, appears to succeed, starts the app, then crashes. The error message appears to be an sqlite exception:

SQLite Error 1: ‘unrecognized token: "’"LendingForBadCr “

I’m running emclient 9.2.1735, installed with Chocolatey. The error appears on multiple computers with the same settings.

Steps I’ve taken:

First, I renamed appData\Roaming\em Client to em Client.old, restarted, and restored from a backup database. The client then crashed in the same way, but with a different unrecognized token (which appeared to be another subject with an extraneous space in it).

I then deleted the new appData\em Client directory, restarted, and reimported my settings from an export I’d made a year ago. The client downloaded mail, then still crashed in the same way (again with a different unrecognized token).

This is also happening on my mother’s laptop, which has the same settings. (I keep a clone of her computer in hopes of preventing outages like this.)

So I’m out of ideas and would really like some help.

After running this a few times, I realized that the unrecognized tokens were the subject lines of spam emails in the inbox. I connected to the same account in Mac Mail and deleted the referenced emails. The client no longer crashes on startup.

For future reference, here’s the raw source of the subject line of one of the offending emails. I’m not sure if it’s the culprit. I can provide the whole email as needed.

Subject: =?UTF-8?B?4oGu4oGs4oGs4oGu4oGu4oGs4oGs4oGu4oGu4oGu4oGs4oGu4oGs4oGs4oGu4oGs4oGu4oGs4oGu4oGs4oGsUOKBruKBrGVyc+KBrOKBrm9uYeKBrmwg4oGsTG/igaxh4oGubuKBrnPiga7igawg4oGu?=

I believe this issue has already been addressed, and the fix will be in the next release of eM Client.