Crashing Issues

I have been using the evaluation program and I have 6 more days to try yet before deciding to purchase or not. The only problem I find it that is crashes for unknown reasons every so often and then takes a very long time to restart looking for corrupted database issues and then it will return. This is the only complaint I have. Otherwise I very much like this program and how it operates. Is there anything that can be done to resolve crashing issues?
Thanks, Ken

As you have a new trial of eM Client (I presume Ver 9.2) Random crashes in eM Client is usually two things.

Either you have some program “running in the background” on startup possibly interfering with eM Client causing it to randomly crash.


You have some instability with the OS with maybe some possible out of date files or libraries etc and need to do OS updates & patches.

Background Programs that can cause interference with mail clients are eg: Optional Firewalls / Security programs, Optional Antivirus programs etc. So if you have any of those programs try “completely disabling those” to test.

Failing that check you have the latest OS updates and patches for your OS. eg: Windows 11 caused problems for alot of users due to the OS needed to be updated as Microsoft had issues and patched / fixed their OS in October.

So if you have Win 11 make sure you have the latest (22H2) & updates. Same goes for Win 10 if you have that, do the (22H2) & updates as well.

Lastly if you have Windows 11 and have all the latest updates and still randomly crashing, then some users found by “creating an eM Client shortcut” on the desktop and setting the properties to “Windows 8 compatibility mode” fixed it.