Currently running 7.1.30794.0.  Keeps hanging and crashing.  (Crashed three times yesterday at my home office and one time at my “office office”) This happens when sending new emails,  refreshing, replying, etc etc etc.  

EM uses 145-170MB of memory… constantly.  Not sure if this is relevant, but letting you know anyway.

I am running free version on one computer and pro on the other.  Same version, same problems.  

Going to just stop using EM Client  and just use my browser to check gmail - I don’t have time to be dealing with the headaches that EM is causing.

My eM was locking up and on restart the data base check would fail, if I closed and restarted a second time the data base check would pass and everything would be fine for a few days until it crashed again -  then two data base checks would get me going again.  I discovered my anti virus software (Bit Defender) was blocking the application. I set to allow eM to make changes to my PC and I believe the problem is corrected.  Sorry I did not save the detail error report, or I would include it here.  Hope this helps.

In my opinion, the last usable version of Em Client is 7.0.2882.0. I would not install any version past this point. Even then I am finding more bugs. I may have to fall back further.

Many problems have been fixed since 7.0.28822 as well as some additional functions being added. The latest version 7.1.32088 is a lot more bug free than any 7.0 version.

Care to list the bugs you are having a problem with?