Crashed Hard Drive. Lost EM Client Installation Disk. Need Solution to Re-Install EM Client

Approximately three weeks ago, I had the unfortunate experience of my 12-year old computer hard drive dying. While I was fortunate to have backed up all 222GB with Carbonite, apparently it does not backup program apps🙁

I’ve been using EMClient for some time now.
Unfortunately, my VIP support expired on 2020-05-13

I recently relocated but if I was given an installation disk, I have unfortunately misplaced it.

Are you able to look up my order in your system and either provide me with a replacement hard disk copy or download link of the app so I’m able to fully restore the application?

Will all of my e-mails automatically re-populate?

I’m not sure which account or address you may have on file, but the information below “should” help you verify that I did purchase the EMClient product:

E-Mail Accounts:

Thanks in advance for your prompt response:-)

download link

Read this!

If you were using an IMAP account and the host does not delete emails from their system, the answer is YES after create the account, or perhaps you have a backup created by eMC which you can use to restore.

Good luck!

Yes, I know I can download the EMClient app.
But I was hoping since I had purchased the disk originally but lost it during a relocation, I wouldn’t be charged for a new license.

EMClient has already confirmed my original purchase.

Well, your license is only for version 7, so you will need to install version 7, which you can find in the link @sunriseal gave above.

If you want to install the latest version (9.1) you will need to purchase a license uograde.