crash when refreshing

the app is constantly crashing after refreshing

My guess is corrupt database.  Right-click on the inbox (All Mail if Gmail), click on properties, repair and then click on the repair icon.  If this does not work, delete the account and re-add it.  Assuming it’s a IMAP or Exchange account, it will resynchronize and you won’t loose any data.

i have just tried that with no success. the program crashes seconds after i uncheck the “work offline” option

and after each crash it checks the database before reopening the program and apparently there is no error during this check

Then I would suggest a fresh database.

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Navigate to (hidden folder) c:\users[user_name]\Appdata\Roaming and delete (or rename) the eM Client folder.
3.  Restart eM Client and it will create a clean database
4.  Reenter account information.

thanks for the tip, i did exactly as you said but unfortunately it didn’t work. when checking my gmail it crashes just like before.
no settings were changed at gmail level. any other idea?