crash when adding attachments

I’m a new user to eM Client and definitely prefer it to T-Bird so far.  One problem, when I try to add an attachment to an email I’m sending it just crashes (says not responding).  I can read attachemnts fine, just adding one is a problem.  Any ideas please? 

Hi John,

Which version of eM Client are you using?

Is eM Client crashing with every type of attachment you’re adding? Or only when you add (for example) a PDF file?

Does the attachment happen to be open in another program at the same time when adding it to an e-mail?

Hi John, can you please answer the above questions in order to resolve the issue?
What version of eM Client are you currently using? When the application crashes there should be an error/crash report window displayed allowing you to display the error.

Can you please copy the error message and send it to us?

Thank you,

Hi Hans and Paul,
I may have the same issues. I definitely prefer EM to T-bird, however I have the same issue: The client fails on attachment upload, but actually in the moment the “find attachment” window opens up. So no time to figure out whether it’s dependant on file type and so… I do not think there was a “error statement window”. 
I can’t seem to find any workaround. Please advise. 
Version is: 6.0.21372

Hi Bohdan, can you please specify the application’s behavior after trying to attach the file to your message? Does the application simply quit without showing any errors or what exactly happens after you perform the action?

What mail service are you using with eM client?

Thank you,

I also had the same issue with both latest Client 6 as well as new Client 7 Beta: the moment the dialog window for adding an attachment opens, the program freezes, so before being able to select any file.
This happens very often. The same things happens regularly when I try to save an attachment from an incoming mail. There is no other remedy as to shut down the the client and re-start.  I use Win 7 Pro.

I am using version 7.0.26567.0 with Win 10 Home and have an intermittent issue with eM crashing (automatically closing after seeing the crash warning message) when adding attachments. It occurs after the attachment is selected, when the OPEN button is selected. So far, this has occurred when adding pdf and ppt files smaller than 2 MB. Upon restarting eM, I have had eM both crash again AND work correctly.