Crash on export of settings, rules etc

I have installed eMa Client on my work computer, as I don’t want to mix my private and work mail. In eM Client I’ve setup two accounts, one gmail, one yahoo.
Now, as Thunderbird has once to many effed up all my mails, I’ve decided to install eM Client on one of my Win7 x64 computers at home.

I of course want the same settings and rules at home as at work, so I set out to do a simple export on my work computer running Win10 x64.

In the export wizard I check everything except signatures, templates and quicktexts.
When clicking Finsh, the eM Client immediately crashes.

Have tried different variations in the export wizard including only checking Rules, but it still crashes.

So, what do I do now?
Hints and tips are greatly appreciated.

Shouldn’t crash. :frowning:

I take it you are using the same two email accounts in both locations configured as IMAP, so until someone has an idea, another option is to backup on your work computer, and restore that on your home computer.

Yupp, same two accounts!

I’ll try the backup “trick”.

Thanks for the hint!

FWIW, I see now that I actually have a settings backup from 2017-08-21, so it would seem the settings export has worked at least once.

Hey Gary, thanks!
Restore worked and I now have all my rules!