Crash Loop on Mac OS

Hi there,

After updating to macos 12 I get a crash loop. The app will crash on start and try to start again, then crash, to infinity.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I have an original M1 MBP.

There was a very recent eM Client for Mac update which updated via the “Check for Updates” in the menu or via “Manual d/l & update” so give that a go if you haven’t tried that already.

See end of thread below for information.

MacOS Monterey compatability - Crashing eM Client - eM Client

Yes, my EM Client was on the latest version on my upgrade to MacOS12. But I also reinstalled the latest version after update and I’m still getting the crash loop.

Ok as that very recent eM Client update didn’t work for Monterey, I would then (write the version you have) and (post your crash loop issue) on that Monterey thread.

Ps Could be an actually issue with eM Client working on the M1 chip. Need to know if any other users running Monterey have similar issues with M1.

Can you please download the latest Mac version from here: