CRASH, CRASH! v8.2.1237

I am at a loss how to correct. System crashes randomly, and often, during the day, or randomly and only a couple of times a day. Today it is bad. Multiple times an hour upon select tasks. I have not identified exactly what I am doing when it goes down, and will have to record each time now, but nothing other than common daily email writing, replying, and filing. Nothing with any heavy attachments. Otherwise clean and well operating Win 10/64 environment.

Desperate for a permanent fix. I depend on an email client heavily every day, like everyone. Don’t want to have to unplug and export to another.

eM Client - Please help. I know others have also experienced random crashing. Any fix in sight ?? What about new release with fix?

Any and all help appreciated. Thank you. BC

Have you tried: create a backup from within eMC, uninstalling, NOT deleting the database, reinstalling from here?

Thank you Al. I have not yet, wanted to avoid having to fully re tweak a new install.
Certainly will consider if that is best option. The data base in Roaming App Data won’t be affected upon uninstall correct?

Thanks again for your kind help

I can’t address the “best option” question but it is something I would do.
Being a volunteer, I usually precede what I suggest with the words, “If you are comfortable executing these steps”. With that said…

No need for a “retweak” since the settings are maintained in the “database”.
Just be sure to do a backup from within eMC AND DO NOT delete the database during uninstall!