Crash after using search

I use eM Client for the calendar. Yesterday, I tried using “search” to find out the day of the week for a date in 2024. I understand search found nothing because there wasn’t an event on that date. I clicked on something (don’t remember what) to return to regular calendar display. The program crashed.

Today (including after a computer reboot) I started eM Client again. A dialog box appears verifying the database. It finds nothing wrong, no corruption or inconsistent data. I get the main “Mail” page for the program.

As soon as I click on “Calendar” I get the dialog box saying “eM Client has stopped working” and it crashed. This has not happened repeatedly.

I restarted (again the database check and the Mail page). I checked About and verified I have the latest version. I downloaded a fresh copy anyway. Installation offered “Remove” or “Repair” (though not reinstall). I clicked on Repair and it did its thing successfully.

I started the program again and got the same crash when I clicked on “Calendar.”

I only use eM Client for the calendar. Due to compatibility issues when migrating from a previous computer I don’t use eM Client for email (and my email program wasn’t compatible with my previous calendar program).

How do I get back to seeing my calendar events?

Hello Bellist,

Removing the application doesn’t delete the database which is probably corrupted. Find the location of your database (You can find the direction in Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage) To see it you need to enable displaying of hidden folders. You can just rename the database folder and restart eM Client. All the data should be then pulled to eM Client with a blank new database.

Please note that eM Client must be closed while you make any changes in the database directory.


Blank database up and running.

Now, how to get all my calendar entries out of the old database?

And saying “not possible” is not an acceptable answer. It was something in the “search” that started this problem.


You can either add the account again - if it is stored on your server, eM Client will pull all data itself. Or if the calendar is local, you can export the calendar from the old database into ics files in Menu > File > Export and Import it into the new database.


The data is not stored on a server.

I switched back to the old eM Client folder and tried the export.

I got the program crash “eM Client has stopped working” message again.

The search process within eM Client damaged the database. I searched for a date, something like April 8, 2024, rather than an event. Before then eM Client was just fine. Just after that eM Client crashed and has crashed at every calendar access since. This is something you will want to tell your development team.

The process that verifies the database is in good shape ran successfully (and did so every time I tried to start eM Client). But every time eM Client tried to use that database to display my calendar or to export it, the program crashed. Your development team should know (1) the verification program isn’t complete and (2) the database reading portion of eM Clent isn’t sufficiently robust to handle errors. A small problem shouldn’t abort the program.

As I said in an earlier post, leaving me without any calendar data is not acceptable. However, I’m aware the current programs on my computer may not be adequate to recover anything. Are there text editors I could use to tease out calendar entries, even if they aren’t automatically put into eM Client? Are there small programs your team could create and send that could list the entries?

I did a backup in May that included the eM Client folder. I could use that as the start of any recovery. What file out of this folder should I copy?

A review of the deficiencies I see in eM Client that your development team should handle:
* Searching for a date rather than an event damages the calendar database.
* The program that verifies the database doesn’t detect the damage caused by the search program.
* When eM Client reads the calendar database it should be able to recover and give me the 99.9% good entries while warning me of the bad entries. Considering the number of posts in the Customer Support Forum about crashes your development team should pay more attention to recovery.

I deleted everything in the eM Client->Local Folders folder and copied all of the corresponding files from my backup from mid May. I ran eM Client. The calendar opened and displayed all the events the backup file had.

I then went to File->Export, selected Export data to .ics files, Export all events into a single file. It got about 20% of the way when it displayed “Exporting event 0/3239” and froze. A moment later I got the familiar window “eM Client has stopped working” and a crash.

It appears your export system is also not robust – it can’t write what your database reading program was able to read.

I am quickly losing confidence in the eM Client program as well as the customer service team – my note from 3 days ago was not answered.

In spite of losing confidence in eM Client my calendar data is trapped and can’t be exported.