CPU usage - Strange behavior

Hi, I’m currently using eM Client free version 8.1.1054 (582ba95) in my notebook, windows 10 home, 64bit, i5, 8GB RAM, and sometimes it uses about 30% of CPU and does not end processing, it stays like a infinite loop, even I am not using eM Client… I have Avast free version installed, but I disabled in order to see if it helps, and it did not make any difference.

Solution: I have to reopen the program. I use just one account with POP3 and receiving automatic e-mail every 4 minutes. I don’t know exactly how to trigger this problem. My database is about 636 MB (zipped).

I use eM Client for about 5 years, and this problem happens in the latest versions.

Anyone can help me, please?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, anyone please?? I am still with this problem… I only realize that eM Client is in a infinite loop. because my notebook starts to make some loud noise (CPU usage), probably because of
cool fan.