Couple of Questions from a New User

New User here = Couple of questions

  1. When I hit reply to an email… there is a vertical line that automatically gets put to the left of all the previous text… how do I remove that?
  2. When I first started em client - I put in 2 email accounts manually just to test this software out… now they show up as a core email address on the left side under where it says Mail… but none of my imported email accounts show up there… are these 2 email accounts priority email accounts or something? However, the ones that I imported from outlook don’t show up there… now, all of them work (ie. send and receive) so that is good but I dont need any of my accounts listed there on the left (I am using the arctic theme). EM Client also put my gmail and yahoo accounts on the left under Mail as well. Bottom line for is I need all my accounts to work, but I don’t need them individually listed on the main screen - on the left. How are those accounts listed there different than the rest?
  3. Anyway to make the font size bigger in that mail section on the left?
  4. I had Norton 360 scan my emails and attachments in Outlook… any security measures for Em Client I can take?
  5. Em Client is faster than Outlook and after a day - I think I am more happy with it than Outlook… still need to do some more testing… but is there anyway to speed up the performance… sometimes I get a temporary “Not responding” message when it’s trying to do something… I do have a lot of accounts and emails in there so it’s not a shock it’s doing that but any tips would be helpful.
  6. I notice sometimes when I copy and paste from something I typed in EM Client to some other document… it sometimes puts breaks in the text… anyway to make it so that doesn’t occur?

So far so good… just need to sort the above items out.

One other thing… how do I set the default email account to use when I compose emails? ie. when you compose an email, it picks an email account to use as the sender… how do I change that to another account… it basically picked the first one listed in my account list. EM Client picked one that I dont want to use for that… I have a ton of email accounts in Em Client…

another thing I noticed… Sometimes people reply and they have it setup that just their Reply Name shows up in the TO box… So, on Outlook… it will figure out the email address behind that reply name and just work… but with EM Client - it gives a warning saying, "Recipients you entered into the to field have an incorrect format. " If I reply using MS Outlook to that very same email - works no issues. If I double click on the Reply name in Em Client - it shows their email address so it’s there… just doesn’t seem to pick it up when I want to send the email.

PS - I figured out how to set the default email account… also sorted out #1 and #6 of 6 in my original post. Still need replies on 2, 3, 4 and 5. and of course the issue in this reply.



  1. The vertical line helps to keep the replies in a long conversation organized, but you can remove it by going to Tools > Settings > Mail > Replies and forwards, and change the setting for replies from When reply to an email “Include and indent original message” to “Include original message”.
  2. Not completely sure if I understand, every email account you have added to the application and is then added in Tools > Accounts, should show up in the sidebar, this again used for better organization, you can hide or display the folders assigned to the account, view the content of these folders separately without using the global inbox or other search folders etc.
  3. Do you mean the sidebar or the list of emails? You can adjust some of the appereance in Tools > Settings > Appereance.
  4. I believe you should be all set in this matter
  5. Does the application ever crash, or is it just temporarily stuck, for how long is it stuck, that’s definitely not normal.
  6. Can you make a screenshot of this issue? Can you tell me from where have you been copying the content?
  7. You can setup the default email account in Tools > Accounts, just select the one you’d like to make default and click on the “Set as default” icon, you can also change the order of the account using the arrow buttons in this window. But note that if you’re located in particular account folder, the account you’re located in is selected as the from address automatically.
  8. Not sure if I completely understand, can you make a screenshot of this issue as well, what exactly are you typing into the To field?

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply…

On Number 2… yes, if I add the accounts manual, they show up on the left side… however, the emails that I imported did not… none of the emails I imported from outlook showed up on the left… yet, they all do receive and can send email… they all are in my account list… so they work, just wondering why they dont show up OR why the ones that I manually do… show up on the left. One nuance is that actually the ones that showed up on the left for me were also imported from Outlook but were gmail and yahoo accounts as opposed to being just pop3 email accounts from my hosting company… those from the hosting company did import… do work but do not show up on the left. I do use the global inbox which is how I want it… but still curious why did yahoo and gmail show up on the left… my other email accounts did not… (regular - ie. not gmail, yahoo or those kind of services).

Yes, for #3 - yes, on the left… the left sidebar where the folders and email accounts are… I went to appearance like you said and don’t see anything to change that font size.

No… not all set on Norton 360… how do I get it so it scans the emails… like it does on MS Outlook? How do I make sure I have protection and security?

for #5 - it only gets stuck after I have done a search… when I say stuck… it lags a little after I have done a search and then try to do stuff like check emails and things afterwards… once I close the program and restart it works. With that being said, I do have a TON of emails and accounts… so not surprised as Outlook lagged heavily to at times and EM Client is MUCH faster overall with a lot less lags than Outlook… but it would be nice to not have any lags. I think it’s a memory leak of some sort that is causing it due to my database being so huge. I have only noticed it after I have done a search.

I was able to sort out #6 and #7.

On #8… not really can do a screenshot… as it’s multiple things as I described… say someone sends me an email… and I reply to it… and their REPLY NAME shows up in the TO box… for example JOHN DOE rather than “JOHN DOE: <>” - EM Client can’t seem to sort out the email… and gives me the warning that I mentioned above.

Hi again Mike,

#2:Can you make a screenshot of your Tools > Accounts window, how many accounts is added there and make a screenshot of your sidebar folder tree, how many accounts is listed there?
Also if you go to Tools > Settings > Advanced, how many account is listed there for the logging options?

#3: Yes, you can’t change the size of the text in the left sidebar.
#4: I believe Norton should do this automatically, if the email protection is turned on, it’s setup for eM Client as it is for MS Outlook, there’s no special setting for this.
#5: What version of eM Client are you currently using?

#8: Can you send me an exported .eml message of an email that if you hit reply to ,this occurs?
Simply drag and drop the message onto a new email and send it to

Thank you,

No, I cannot provide a screenshot of my email address as they are personal and I dont want to put my private info on blast on a public site.  I explained it above… when I do a new account manually - it shows up on the left… when I did the Outlook import - none of them showed up on the left, which is fine… and they do work but just curious why that is.  The ones that are not on the left go into the local inbox folder… which is fine… and I do notice when you set up a manual account - it asks if you want to have it’s own folder or go into the local folder. I am using the version of eM Client I downloaded last week or so.

Another thing… what is the difference between Local Folders and Smart Folders… I notice that some emails show up in Smart folders that don’t show up in Local (vice versa), meanwhile a lot of emails show up in both. And… on an unrelated note… if I do a backup or the auto back… is that file that it produces all I need to be able to import and reproduce all my emails and accounts if my harddrive broke? ie. I have that file downloaded offsite… my harddrive breaks… I have a new computer… I install emclient and than import that backup file… does it bring back my emclient as it was prior to the harddrive breaking? Lastly… what time do the automatic backsup occur… since we gotta shut down emclient for it to work - would be nice to either be able to set the time it tries to backup or know when it is occurring. One other thing on the backup… lets say I have it set to preserve 1… will it automatically delete the previous backup file and then put in the new one? I am going to have the backup store the file on an external source which has limited size… so I can’t have it build up a ton of backup files on it… I assume it backsup tonights… for example… and then tomorrow night it will delete that one and back up the new one… so no more than 1 backup file is in the folder we selected… is that right?

You can send me the screenshots to my email (
As I explained earlier, all accounts that are added in eM client should display in the left sidebar.

Thank you,

Local folders are for your local data, they are being used with some POP3 accounts mostly where server folders are not supported, or you can not synchronize the items with these folders, instead you can create local folders and organize your email locally.

Smart folders are displaying emails from all your account, for example unread smart folder takes all your unread email combined from all your accounts and displays it there. There’s many different smart folders and yes some of them can display emails that are in local folders as well.

Yes, if you use the backup feature your whole database will be backed up, allowing you to restore from this backup if anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately the automatic backup feature is currently a bit lousy, the automatic backup runs from the point when you setup the backup, so if you set it up at 3pm and do the first backup immediately, your next backup will run in 24hours since the last one (if you’ve setup the period to 1 day). You can though adjust the time when the backup is executed in Task scheduler in windows.
But we’re considering some improvements for future releases.

Hope this helps,

Not sure if screenshots are needed… the explanation should work… When I first started emclient… I did an import from Outlook express… all those emails went into the account list (when you go to tools - accounts) but NONE of them went on the left EXCEPT the yahoo and gmail email accounts… however, when I MANUALLY add an email… it shows up on the left sidebar. However, they all do work.

Well you can only import data from Outlook Express, so it’s possible all these data are currently under your local folders, if you take a look at the import window, there’s several options where to import the data, if to a selected account or a specific folder.

Thank you,

only import from Outlook Express? That’s strange as I imported from Outlook… everything came in like I mentioned before… just didn’t put it on the left sidebar… just to local folders…