Counter not showing unread emails in search folders


I find it really useful to see when a folder has unread emails and the blue number next to the folder is great.

This number doesn’t however appear next to my search folders. Is there a way to implement this?

My particular use case is that I have a junk folder ‘junky’ that pulls all my junk folders together. I have a problem with messages sent via my website always going to junk, so I need to keep a keen eye on it!

Many thanks

No, unread counts do not show on Search Folders. Sorry.

But there is already a unified Junk folder that does.

Right-click on Favorites, and choose Display > Junk E-mail. This will give you the unified Junk folder with an unread count.

that’s really helpful, thanks Gary. It would still be a useful feature for search folders, but that has sorted me out.