Couldn't sign you in

Couldn’t sign you in &; Looks like your Google Account can’t go here

You mean signing in to this forum?

There are issues using the new Edge browser here, so better to use another browser.

Thanks for your reply. I mean signing in to the eM Client.

Are you evaluating eM Client, or do you have a Pro License? What is the error you get?

No, i dont have a Pro License. 

The error message:

Couldn’t sign you in Looks like your Google Account can’t go here

This is an error message from your browser then, when you try to setup an account?

Yes, when i tried to setup an account.

In your operating system, can you setup another browser as the default, and then try and setup the account again in eM Client.

I also remember seeing a similar issue with a child’s gmail account on the iPhone a couple of years back. You may want to contact Google about this if it is a similar situation.

Have two accounts.  The first worked.  The second worked and then quit working.  email address shows, but there are no emails nor any other folders with data.

Lonnie P. Cress