Corrupted or malformed.

“Database check tool has encountered an ERROR and will exit.” It works just fine using my Admin access, not in my Wife’s. Have copy of report.

Just recently, this morning, I removed the files I had copy/pasted to my wife’s account and returned the originals that had this problem.
I am NOT an expert, just a very curious user and have been on the web since before the WWW was created. Have progressed from Win3.1 through to Win7 64bit, installing and updating my own software when needed. Have had Eudora, Pegasus mail, OutLook + Express, and others but this one seems to be the easiest to use, if we can workout the kinks. Also use Mozilla FireFox current version 3.6.8 and Internet Explorer v8.xx with automatic updates from Microsoft.

Due to a lack of interest and support and as I have stated, a very curious user and experimenter I solved my own issue with the error box on the “main.dat” corrupted.
After no posting of HELP for this issue, I solved this problem myself and now have it working in my Admin account as well as my Wife’s account, both on the same computer. It took some work but it has been fixed without your help.


OH yes, you may mark this as having been fixed by a novice user, not by support from this Lacking Community.

I get em client was not closed correctly last time
Inconsistant database
Won’t open
NTLS, Can you help me fix this so I can recover my emails?

Nevermind - I’m back on tbird 2 - I had a backup that was 2 weeks old and was able with gmail to get the rest, so I don’t think I lost anything.


I am not a very good source for recovering any thing, experimenting and testing my own ideas have made me successful most of the time. Most of what would be required is you need to have some knowledge of your system and then be very “safe” in any operation you decide to undertake.

What is meant by that is know where the e-mail is stored and copy/paste all of the mail to a ‘safe’ location, create another folder outside of the one it is within. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove eM Client, not their own uninstall program Revo uses their program plus searches your system for any left over entries then removes those traces that Revo finds, reboot system and then do another install. After it is up and running, plus before you make entry of access to your account, check for your e-mail in the original location, if not there then you can copy/paste from your ‘safe’ location into that original folder. After testing to see that all has been recovered then the ‘safe’ location can be deleted. There may just be a problem within some part of the e-mail database and there I cannot help you. You may submit to their and eventually will receive a reply.

Please accept my apologies for this late reply as I have been a little busy with other problems,