corrupted e-mail attachment

Downloaded mail got corrupted (pdf) attachement. When I read the e-mall by Gmail web interface, the attachment was ok, when I tried to open i from message, already downloaded by eM client, I got report, that the file is corrupted. Comparing the size, attachment from eM client was smaller
Using WinXP Pro CZ and eM 3.0.10057.0 (so currently the latest version)

it happened at very little percent of eM Client users, you are only second who discovered the issue. Can you please send me the problematic mail with attachment (as .eml file) to ? It will help us in investigating whether the mail was created correctly.

Hello, this is a known bug in GMail IMAP implementation. We are working on a workaround for that (using different, but slower attachement downloading). It will be available in some of the upcoming updates.

The fix will be ready for eM Client 3.1 release at latest.

Still facing the issue in emclient 4.0 for my imap account, its really frustrating. Any help pls?

What version are you using? Contact me directly at so I can send you a workaround.