Corrupted Database

My computer occasionally has the “database was not closed correctly and so the database is corrupted” error that usually just fixes itself.  Fine, that’s only mildy concerning, but nothing has come of it.

For the second time though I’ve gotten this error and the dialogue will not move past the first “examining the database” stage.  Here’s that I’ve done to no avail:

  1. Restarted em client and the computer.
  2. uninstalled and reinstalled em client.
  3. Uninstalled, removed registry items, deleted the program files and attempted to remove the database (but could not find it).  Reinstalled.

I have no em client folder in my appdata folder.  Reinstalling changes nothing.

I did fix this once before.  But cannot remember how I did it as it was maybe a year ago.


Hello, not quite sure what the issue is, are you currently unable to initialise the application with a database? eM Client should create a new database on first startup after the eM Client folder is removed from the user/AppData/Roaming folder.

If the database was not closed correctly utility is started on application startup, this suggests the application may have not been closed properly - in order to check if everything is alright this database utility is run. If data are corrupt, the utility should try to resolve the problem or throw a database error.

If this is run regularly, can you please check what version of eM Client you currently have installed on your computer, in Help > About, or try to install this update, 6.0.22465.0.