Corrupted Contact Tags

Version 9.2.2258 (7080479) problem existed with previous versions
I’m getting corrupted tags in my contacts, looking like ‘FriendsSort-Strings:Sue, Collins’
this was previously one tag named Friends, it seems to merge all previous tags and Sort-String along with the name.
My main account is hotmail and I only use the Contacts from my icloud account.
This has worked for many years without a problem, but now it seems to corrupt many tags next time I use my PC. can someone suggest things that I can try to fix this problem,

I have found the problem, it was because my gmail account had its contacts box ticked. It looks like having a gmail and icloud contacts running at the same time is bad news.

Well I thought that this problem went away, so I tidied up all the tags for my contacts, then this morning a big percentage of them had corrupted tags again.
Something else that happens is the ‘Full name’ disappears, and is merged along with the original tag to form the new corrupted tag.
This only seems to happen overnight, is this likely to be an Apple iCloud problem.
Has anyone seen this before and fixed it?
Corrupted Tags