Copying body text with either key strokes cntrlC CntrlV or right hand mouse button

Hi I’m in the process of migrating from Thunderbird and have come across a problem with copy facility within main body of message. (I have referred to other such like queries posted on this forum a while ago but could not find the outcome). The copy function will not work at all within main body - I am unsure if the problem has been resolved as the posting I refer to was some months ago. I use Firefox as my browser and never use IE. Can somebody please explain how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

can you please check the version of your Internet Explorer and update it to it’s latest version.

eM Client need IE for handling clipboard function, so unless it’s in it’s latest version there might be some issues.

If you update your IE and it still doesn’t work, check back with us here on the forum.
Thank you and sorry for the late reply.

This was answered by Pavel Karfik of emclient on 6th March. This question has now been answered and finished. Thank you.