Copying and pasting calendar event error

I was showing someone else the joys of emClient and they wanted to duplicate a calendar event (google mail account), so they clicked it, used the menus to copy and paste it into another day.

emClient attempted to sync but returned an invalid DTSTAMP error.

I was surprised that you’d even be able to copy and paste calendar entries; he deleted the two entries which now seem to conflict locally and caused the error and entered it manually which synced correctly.

So, I’m not sure if this is a bug or whether the Copy Paste menu items should be disabled in the calendar view in case of this problem occurring.

Hi Paul,

could you please tell us the precise wording of the error message?

It is quite possibly a bug in the Google CalDAV implementation [1]. We workaround many of the issues, but due to lack of development on Google’s side we plan to switch to their native protocols to resolve these issues. That will take some time though.

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Filip Navara


How to reproduce with gmail account calendar:

  1. Create a calendar entry with a start and end time in a single day.
  2. Let it sync, now click the event.
  3. Control+C, click in a different day, control+V
  4. Click in another day and paste again

This seems to occur more often than not:

Failed to upload item “name of event”
Item wasn’t uploaded to CalDAV server because the server returned error:
Can only store an event with a newer DTSTAMP (Conflict)
Which action do you want to take?

If you select delete item it will then delete the original calendar entry and the last entry pasted.

Hope this helps.

I’m having a similar issue; same error message…

Failed to upload item ‘meeting name’
Item wasn’t uploaded to CalDAV server because the server returne error:
Can only store an even with a newer DTSTAMP (conflict)

I’ve got a pre-existing meeting on Google calendar and when I make an attempt to edit it, by moving to another date, I get an error. As shown with the screenshot.

But I can establish a NEW event and move it around just fine. Seems to be an issue with pre-existing calendar events and ones in eM client. It fails consistently.

Any ideas?

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.