Copy User Settings to new PC if needed!

we used previously Outlook in our company. Users have roaming profiles in Windows, so they can just use any PC to work on.
To keep user profiles small, we stored “Outlook.pst” out of the user profiles e.g. on partition E:.
After creating each acount, we copied the user related (still empty!) initial outlook.pst file to a server.
When useres logged in to windows, a script checked if there ist already an outlook.pst file for the related user in his user specific directory. If there was none, the script copied the empty outlook.pst from the server in to the user specific directory (with all presets, but with no Emails!). So the useres were able to use a new PC and have all their settings in outlook and they had only to wait until Outlook synced the data with the email server.

My Question: Were do eM Client store all the user specific settings e.g. username, pw etc.? Is it possible to run a similar script to copy the needed data on windows-loggin so users can use any PC even if they have never used it before? Or have I to copy the whole eM Client directory?

PS: Started with standard settings some users have already “mail_data.dat” files as big as several Gigabytes!! Thus I prefer not to set up all accounts again to obtain an empty mail_data.dat!!

Thank you

I would suggest to contact [email protected] if you are looking at purchasing eM Client for business use with multiple users where you want users to access the same account shared data.

We only have limited help on this free forum.

Oh, thanks! As a bigger company we have already purchased licenses. I ask for support in VIP section!