Copy to folder and Move to Folder previous folder locations in eM Client 9.1

The new update 9.1.2053 for Windows and Mac has got some really great features and one of those is the Copy to Folder and Move to Folder remembering the (Previous two folder Locations).

It would be good if this could be modified to the (Previous five folder Locations) as i have at least three to four regular folder locations i move stuff to everyday.

Also be good to (have these remembered) when the program is reopened after completely closing it.

So an option in the (Settings) would be good for the above if can be done in the future.


I agree. As is, the feature is so limiting that it is pretty useless. I have to think the developers are still working on this. Meanwhile, I move messages to my frequently used folders the old-fashioned way by adding the folders to Favorites and using drag and drop. This takes up way too much space in the folder pane, though, just like MS Outlook does. Drag and drop is also less accurate (for me) than clicking a folder in a frequently-used list.

A list of the last 20 Moved-To folders, persisted from session to session would be nice.

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