Copy/Paste of calendar event not working (sync with Memotoo)

When I try to copy a calendar event with copy & paste, the event gets copied in eM client correctly, but after sync with Memotoo (via CalDAV) the original event disappears…

I’ve had a closer look and I think the problem is the UID. It seems, eM client doesn’t change it correctly on the second event.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  • create event (the UID is like “c43d19c2-88e7-4b63…”)
  • sync (the UID gets changed into “memotooEvent23400267…” after sync)
  • copy & paste
  • sync (the original event disappears, the new one has still the same memotoo-UID)

If I copy without syncing, the UID gets changed on the second event correctly.

I have contacted the admin of Memotoo and he confirmed, that Memotoo can’t handle two events with the same UID.

Who needs to adjust? eM Client or Memotoo? Isn’t there a specification for the UID for CalDAV?

This sounds like an issue with Memotoo. The UIDs should be preserved by the server on upload, doing otherwise will break scheduling.

Hello Filip!

Thank you for your answer!!

But as far as I’ve seen, when an event gets copied, the UID is also copied 1:1.

So Memotoo can’t know, which is the new event, it only sees two identical events with the same UID what leads to deleting one of it.

Should’nt it be like that eM Client should generate a new UID for the new-created (copied) event?

I’ll point the webmaster of Memotoo to this thread.

By the way, is there a defnined standard for CalDAV, how the UID has to look like (content & lenght)?

eM Client should generate new UID on copy (but not on move). If it doesn’t then it’s a bug. We will test it.

The definition of UID is in RFC 5545 ( There are practically no limits on the content and length, but it has to be preserved in order for invitations to work since they use the UID for tracking responses. There are three common formats in use:

  • a GUID in the XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX format (eM Client and many others)
  • (Gmail)
  • long hexadecimal string (Exchange and Outlook)

The UID gets regenerated if you copy and paste within the same account. I’ve tested it with Memotoo and eM Client 5.0.17944.0 and both events had different UIDs and both stayed on the server.

If I copy the event to local folders and then copy it from local folders back into the Memotoo account then the UID doesn’t get regenerated. This behavior may seem odd, but there are technical justifications for it. Is this perhaps what you observed?

I have completely deactivated the local folders and only work directly on my Memotoo account.

Okay, I just made some more specific tests (also with 5.0.17944.0). Here is what I’ve found out:

Scenario 1:

If i create an event IN eM client and then copy and sync, everything is fine and both events are there with a different UID (in eM Client-Format). But: It seems, that Memotoo changes both UIDs into its own format (like “memotooEvent23524062”), but increased on the second event. So this works correctly.

Scenario 2:

If I take an event which is formerly created BY Memotoo (or synced from there, which means with UID in Memotoo-format) and copy it, the second event has the exactly same (Memotoo-)UID like the first one. So during next sync, the first event gets deleted.

So I think in this case, eM client doesn’t recognize the Memotoo-UID as a valid UID and so it doesn’t increase or change it, just copies it, which leads to deleting because of double UID.

In addition, I’ve found out, that Memotoo changes the UID of every event to its own format during sync. Is this compliant to CalDAV standards?

So, who can fix this now? :slight_smile:

Could you teach em Client to recognize the Memotoo-UIDs as valid UIDs or should the Memotoo-Webmaster switch the UID-format for his whole system to a more common format? Perhaps you could contact him directly? He is very friendly and cooperative to solve bugs in the Memotoo-system.

If I can help in any way to solve this problem, just tell me how!!!
Furthermore, I’d really like to participiate in making eM client even better! Is there any beta-testing programme?

I already have some ideas to improve usability of eM client, I will contact you, as soon as I write them down.

I am pretty sure that I have tested scenario 2 and it worked for me. From eM Client perspective it should be no different from scenario 1. eM Client treats the UIDs as opaque values. I’ll forward it to our testers to see if they can reproduce it.

I believe that CalDAV itself doesn’t say anything about UIDs except that they have to be unique. In theory Memotoo is compliant by changing the UIDs, but it breaks scheduling on meetings.

My colleague was already in contact with the Memotoo developer, so he will probably take care of this issue.

I too have this issue. I contacted Memotoo and they are the ones who redirected me to this thread!

So issue is not fixed since I get the exact same issue. I create all of my calendar entries in eMclient though, never directly in Memotoo. (it goes eMclient–>Memotoo-SGS4 phone)

But still, when I copy/paste them to another date, the original is deleted.

This is an urgent matter, this facility to copy/paste is very important and BASIC!

ok I just got a reply from Thomas (Memotoo Dev), basically he said that eM dev have to add a new UID when an event is copied…

Will this be done soon? Thanks