copy chart from excel

i need to copy and paste freely charts from excel as i would do on outlook and being able to save colors, brackets and possibility to edit the chart in the email.

it would be extremelly helpful as well as “cropping” images as i would on outlook.

best regards,

Hello Eugenia, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately eM Client does not include any advanced spreadsheet support, so it’s only possible to include your spreadsheets as attachments in your email, without the possibility to include your excel tables in the message directly.

We will however consider this as a feature request and we’ll try to improve this in future releases, however this kind of advanced capability is currently not our focus for the application’s features.


Is there going to be any change in the upcoming version for copying/pasting?

I frequently have to copy and paste part of a spreadsheet in an email.   I have found that if I create borders it works well.