Copy and pasted MS Word 2010 text into em client outbound email and the file size was huge!

I responded to an email and copied and pasted text from MS Word 2010. It contained an ordered list, which had a line between each numbered point.

There were no images in the email,however, when it went to send eM Client complained saying the file was very large. I sent anyway and received same response from the recipient. It was well over 10MB in size.

What caused this? How can this be solved?

Obviously running it through Notepad and stripping off the formatting will solve this - however - I will lose the entire ordered list.


have you checked how big is the original file? If you try to insert 10MB of text and formatting then eM Client will make email this size.

eM Client is email client not text editor so everything you put in it will be in it.


Hi Jan

The original file was 19.3 KB (19,806 bytes) - it was a straight copy and paste.from a word processor app - MS Word 2010 of text with an ordered list - nothing embedded - yet the email it was copied into - became 19.1 MB (20,089,175 bytes) in size.

I understand that eMClient is an email client and not a text editor - and I understand that unwanted tags get dragged across and often need tidying up. However, this is a massive increase in file size and if we were to put into percentages that is over 100,000%

I am curious as to why this would occur.


can you send me original file from which you were copying your text to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL so I can recreate this issue at my office?