Copy and paste of event on remote CalDAV calendar does not work


  • Create an event in a CalDAV calendar.
  • Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste to another day (Ctrl+V)
  • Result is fine when viewed in eM Client
  • One on the events is missing when viewed in other client (including Mozilla Lightning and Android CalDAV-Sync)

Reason is that the UID has been kept the same on the copy, when it should have been changed. RFC 4791 explicitly states in section 4.1: “The UID property value of the calendar components contained in a calendar object resource MUST be unique in the scope of the calendar collection in which they are stored.”

This is a serious bug that has messed up my calendars in a way that is very difficult to undo. Please provide a fix in the next release. Also, any idea how I can get out of this mess?


After reconstructing your scenario it works fine for me as UIDs are different, can I ask you what version exactly do you use?
you can find it in help - about.


Hi Jan,
Thanks for the reply. It’s great that support staff are answering.

Confirmed with emClient version 5.0.18025.0, checked no upgrades available.
Running against server OwnCloud 5.0.7
Created a new blank calendar to test against.

I can send you the login details to the account if you like - please provide some private means of sending.



this is link to the newest version destined to go public soon…

please try this as I have no problems with CalDav in it, if problem will persist then send me your details to [email protected] and I will try to find out more.

with regards

Confirm fixed in Beta, thanks

I am glad to read that we could help to solve your problem and I am changing topic to solved.

with regards