Copy and paste doesn't work

I’ve followed the previous posts for older versions of em that experienced this problem but they do not resolve it this time. I can’t copy (ctrl+c or right click > copy) and paste from em to another application (e.g. notepad, word, outlook, etc). I’m using version 6.0.19714.0.

Never mind, for me at least this turn out to be a bigger system wide problem…

Hi, thank you for your update on your issue, but could you be more specific? Does that system failure has anything to do with eM client?


wow, this problem was written about a year ago and it still doesn’t work?

how is this most basic function not working?   I can copy within the email, but who gives a crap?  it’s about pasting outside info… i work with really long url’s and other data i want to copy into an email and i won’t do it… how is this possible?

And it’s been a year since this was written about?   God, i wish a better email product was available, because it seems like the problems with em client are never ending. 

Hi Marty, sorry to see this, some users had an issue while copy pasting content when having an outdated system components, e.g. Internet Explorer, .NET framework or a missing Windows update that haven’t been installed.

Some of the users also had the option "Allow programmatic clipboard access set to disable or prompt in IE’s settings, which can also cause this issue to occur.

I’m unfortunately unable to replicate any issues with the clipboard.

Please make sure that all your system features are up to date and check if the issue persists.