Copied Rules/Folders from old email program

Just installed eM Client. It copied an old folder with an old rule attached that I dont need anymore. How do I permanently delete this folder and attached rule?

If I right click and “delete” folder, it just reappears. And there is no “rule” in the rules area as this seems to be carried over from an old program. Please help!

Some folders can’t be deleted. So Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk Mail, and Outbox. If it is a sub-folder of the Inbox you have created, then it should delete.

Can you give a screen-shot showing the folder that won’t delete?

Rules can be deleted by going to Menu > Rules then selecting the Rule and clicking the Delete icon. If it is something else, can explain more about what you mean a Rule is carried over from an old program as eM Client doesn’t import Rules or filters from other applications? What messages are being affected?