Converting mail account to Local Folders

Hi there,

I have a Zoho mail account hooked up in eMClient and it has just expired. I want to save these emails to a local folder and I think this is possible, however I’m not finding how to in the help docs.

Additionally eMClient is prompting for an password for the account since the Zoho mail account is inactive.

Is there anyway to get this account into a local folders and then I can delete the account?

Thanks for any advice

This is really something you need to do while you still have access to the mailbox on that server. Then all you do is copy the messages to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible below your other folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.

Once access is removed and the account is closed, if the messages are not fully cached in eM Client you won’t be able to copy them. That is why the login prompts are there, as eM Client is trying to connect to the server to get the messages.