Convert the location field to a link when it holds an online meeting link

If a meeting has an online meeting link in the location, please make it clickable in previews and the meeting dialogue. It will replicate other clients’ behaviour (e.g. Outlook) and will be easier to use.

This can be expanded to any other link in the location field (e.g. link to a map).

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This is a basic and expected functionality. At least allow to manually edit the Online Meeting data manually


Just today I had the problem again that I received an email that contained a link to an online meeting. It wasn’t a calendar invitation. So I wanted to create a calendar entry myself and embed this meeting link in this entry. But that wasn’t possible - I had to use another calendar tool on my Mac, now this calendar entry is also displayed as an online meeting in the emClient calendar. A direct entry or change is not possible with the emClient.